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St. Andrew Miscellaneous Photos

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Pascha 2010

Pascha 2010 - 04/04/2010

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Pascha 2010

Christ Is Born! Glorify Him! Christmas Day

Christmas Day - 12/25/2010

Christ Is Born! Glorify Him! our parishoners were treated to a wonderful Christmas Reception following Liturgy that was hosted by our R Club!

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St. Nicholas Day Celebration

St. Nicholas Day Celebration - 12/04/2011

On Sunday December 4th St. Andrew Parish celebrated St. Nicholas Day.  After Liturgy we all shared a wonderful brunch and fellowship.  We were treated with a visit from St. Nicholas, who passed out gold coins as we sang "Oh who loves Nicholas the Saintly"  Our two catchumens were in attendance with us.  The children of the parish received gifts and popcorn balls from St. Nicholas.  A great time was had by everyone!

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St. Andrew Day

Feast Day of St. Andrew Patronal Feast of our Parish - 11/29/2011

Following a Festal Vesperal Liturgy with concelebrants Archpriest Basil Stoyka, and Archpriest Andrew Nelko, a wine and cheese reception was held for those who attended the liturgy.  Approximately 25 faithful enjoyed a very hospitable Advent Reception.

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The Nativity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - December 25th

The Nativity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - 12/25/2011

The Great Feast of St. Andrew Eastern Orthodox Church was celebrated today on December 25th, the day of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's birth.  Many pictures were taken with the faithful during worship and prayer during the time of the sacredness of the Nativity Vigil and Nativity Divine Liturgy!  Please view them!  When you are in our area, come and see us!


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Theophany and Parish Holy Supper

Theophany and Parish Holy Supper - 01/05/2012

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Spring Clean Up

Spring Clean Up - 04/28/2012

On Saturday April 28th a few parishoner's braved the 30 degree weather and snow flurries to help clean up the parish grounds.  Thank you to all who helped, and especially a Big Thank You to Boy Scout Troop 380 from our very own Maple Heights who came out in the cold to help rake leaves, pick up sticks and garbage and much more.  Afterwards we enjoyed a nice lunch together.  Thank you Troop 380 for all of your hard work!

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Christ Is Risen! Indeed He Is Risen!
Good Friday thru Bright Saturday Photos

Good Friday Thru Bright Saturday Photos - 04/15/2012

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Car Blessing

New Candle Stands - Thank you Boy Scout Troop 380 Maple Heights

Current Stands converted to sand
Current Stands converted to sand
Current Stands converted to sand
Thank you for your generous donation to our Church!
Thank you for your generous donation to our Church!
Thank you for your generous donation to our Church!
St. Tikhon's Seminary Choir Visit

St. Tikhon's Seminary Choir Visit - 03/17/2012

On Saturday March 17th and Sunday March 18th St. Tikhon's Seminary Choir visited St. Andrew.  They celebrated the Sunday of the Precious Cross with us.  We had a wonderful Pot Luck on Saturday evening and again on Sunday following Divine Liturgy.  Many of our parishoners hosted the seminarians Saturday evening in their homes.  

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Bishop Matthias - March 4, 2012

Welcome Bishop Matthias - 03/04/2012

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We Welcome His Grace Bishop Matthias

St. Andrew Annual Parish Steak Roast Fundraiser - 2012

St. Andrew Parish Steak Roast 2012 - 09/15/2012

On Saturday September 15th we hosted our annual steak roast fundraiser.  The day began with Vespers and then we had a wonderful meal!  It was a beautiful day, and thanks to everyone who attended, and  most especially thanks to all of you who helped make the evet possible!  Thanks to Russ and Judy Borowy and Jeff Hoover!

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Afterfeast of the Elevation of the Cross - Sunday Sept. 16th

St. Andrew Parish Picnic - July 15th

St. Andrew Parish Picnic - 07/15/2012

On Sunday July 15th we enjoyed our Parish Picnic.  Fun was had by everyone who attended.  The City of Maple Heights brought their emergency vehicles to our parking lot, where after a short service to pray for their safety, Fr. Emil blessed their vehicles.

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Found Treasures

Following a beautiful Divine Liturgy, and Vespers for Pentecost on Sunday June 3, 2012, a discovery was made in a dusty crawl space!  While looking at some old pictures of when our Church was built, Blessed Sub-Deacon and Reader Jeffrey Hoover noticed an Icon that he did not recall seeing anywhere in the church.  Thinking  back, he remembered being told a long time ago that there were some Icons in a crawl space.  With some nudging he set up the ladder and started to investigate.  To our surprise and amazement he found four Icons wrapped in plastic.  They were remarkably in beautiful shape.  They are painted on canvas and their colors are beautiful.  They date back to the late fifty's which make them over 50 years old.  The three smaller ones were:  St. Basil, St. Nicholas, and St. Ann.  The larger one is of the Resurrection.  This one appears to need a bit of work, but the others need a good dusting.  What a blessing to find these beautiful Holy Icons that were stored away for many years.  They will be dusted off and on display in the Church until a proper place is found for them.  Enjoy the pictures!
Found Treasures!

The Resurrection
The Resurrection
The Resurrection
St. Basil
St. Basil
St. Basil
St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas
St. Ann
St. Ann
St. Ann
Nativity 2012

Nativity 2012 - 12/25/2012

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Theophany - Blessing of Water and Parish Holy Supper

Theophany - Blessing of Water and Parish Holy Supper - 01/05/2013

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Christmas Flower Arranging Fundraiser

Christmas Flower Arranging Fundraiser - 12/02/2012

On Sunday December 2, 2012 a few gathered for lunch and a Christmas Flower Arrangment Class.  The class was taught by Corrine Calamante of Cori's Creations.  A wonderful lunch was served and prepared by Judy Borowy.  This was a great way to enjoy an afternoon together and to share Christian fellowship, dedicating our time to Christ, his Holy Orthodox Church and the Most Blessed coming of his Nativty, born of a virgin!

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St. Nicholas Celebraton

St. Nicholas Celebration - 12/09/2012

On Sunday December 9th following Liturgy, we celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas with a brunch and gifts for the Church School children.  We also had a special visit from St. Nicholas!  Thanks to all who attended this special event.

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Feast of St. Andrew - Friday November 30th

Feast of St. Andrew - 11/30/2012

On Thursday evening after Great Vespers, we enjoyed a wine and cheese reception, the following morning we celebrated a beautiful Divine Liturgy.  After Liturgy we enjoyed a pasta lunch and fellowship.

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Fall Clean Up with the Scouts

Fall Clean Up - 11/10/2012

God Blessed us with a beautiful sunny day and also blessed us with the help of Boy Scout Troop 380 and Cub Scout Troop 389, who teamed up to clean up our Parish grounds.  We would like to extend to them a warm welcome for all of their hard work and dedication to St. Andrew parish.  After they were done, we were able to sit down together and enjoy lunch.  Thank you again to all the scouts, leaders, and especially the parents who were willing to give up a Saturday morning to come and help!

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The Hawaiian Myrrh-Streaming Iveron Icon Of the Mother Of God

Mother of God Icon - 10/22/2012

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Pascha 2013

Pascha 2013 - 05/05/2013

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Paska Breads made by the Ladies of St. Andrew Parish

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Orthodox Life